Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Best Regards

Dear You,
I think I need to clarify myself better. There's just some things you're not quite understanding.
You see, I am the most needed, but the most hated. I create destruction and from destruction creation. I make growth grow stronger and growing men fall harder. I am every casted shadow born from the brightest lights.I am the screaming victims, the crying hearts, the broken souls and the lost minds.

But I'm the reason why the Love and the Joy and the Laughter make you feel infinite. You see without me there would be no change, no difference, no repentance just an empty graph with nothing to say. Because you can't feel love, if you've never felt hate. And you can't meet joy, if you've never met sorrow. And you will never laugh if you've never cried.
I'm the beauty in this life. I'm the thing that connects human beings to human beings. I'm just a misunderstood friend, trying to help.
My Best Regards

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paris is where I found my soul

I thought I was always in Paris. That I was just a natural born Paris citizen.
But it wasn't until I realized I was just a lost body in this city, when I found my soul in Paris.
Day one of finding Paris was exciting, It was like I was waking up from a long hibernation and ready to feast.
I wanted to explore every part of Paris, go to the sites i'd never seen before, or walk the paths I didn't usually take. But with this goal came a price.
A price that made me take a step back, and breathe in what I just saw. Because what I wanted was to be so immersed in Paris that I bled Paris, I spoke Paris, and everything about me was Paris. And to become full Paris you need to forget everything you've ever been told in school, everything everyone has ever told you about Paris, and you just need to live Paris.
What I wanted was change. I wanted to change everything I thought I knew about Paris, and start over.
And because I have gone so far into Paris, Paris can never come out of me. I can never leave, it will always be a part of who I am. Because Paris is where I found my soul, and I don't plan on giving it back.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

when did freak become an insult?

Sometimes when i'm sad I  put on an essential oil instead of taking pills.
I don't like Microwaves, i think they kill everything good.
I think Ipods self destruct every time a new generation comes out.
I believe you can control what influences your body and what doesn't. It's called agency for a reason, we get to choose.
I think I can do anything I want. Sometimes I think I can fly, but then God says "not yet."
I like to blame parents for peoples problems. But I vomit at the idea of my Saint parents raising a Hellian like me. It's not possible for my parents. But it is for everyone else.
I think we play the victim in this world too much and it's time to be a Warrior and take responsibility for our cuss and move on.
I worship God. Not religion. But I go to church because GOD tells me I need the benefits there.
I think my body hold physical energy and that I can read that energy.
I believe in Chakras, Auras, and Chi because I can feel them. And if I said I didn't believe, i'd be lying to myself.
I like to learn from Animals because I think they cross the street in front of my headlights and just stare because they are trying to tell me something.
I think Marijuana should legal because it's not the Marijuana that's addicting. It's the escape it gives you that keeps you going back. Stop fixing the symptoms and heal the disease.
I wanted Ron Paul for president. I don't think he's crazy.
    This is me. These are my opinions I don't express because human confrontation makes me feel aged. But this is the freak who's best friend at school  is Sue. And this is the freak that spins in her room for fun. I'm the freak. and this is me. ?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dear Day Dreamer

I received an interesting letter the other day. It wasn't like most other letters. This one didn't come on paper and it wasn't written in ink. My letter's canvas was the sky, and the ink was the clouds. My letter started like this.
"Hey, I know you like to look up here, so I knew if I had to tell you something, the only way to talk was through looking up. Because I know you never look down. You never look down at me. But I'm here. Being wasted away. 

Listen Day Dreamer, we need to talk. There's some things I need to let out of my soul. First off, you're making me weak, if I go this long without being used I'll crumble, I'll forget what my purpose is. I NEED A PURPOSE. Second of all, stop suffocating me, these double layered body bags you put on me are killing my ability to breath, to feel. Lastly, get your head out of the clouds, and come down to my level. See the trees roots not the branches because you need to focus on the beginning don't dwell on the end. Come down to my level and feel the earth, the dirt, the insects, the leaves, feel the living energy around you, stop staring at the energy you can't touch. Day Dreamer you're turning into a reservoir  you have dirty water inside you; not moving, not changing, just waiting. Please move again, I don't want to turn into a dying bottom dweller. Move Day Dreamer.
You're Feet"

Friday, November 23, 2012

I wish I had a Repeat Button

I wish I had a Repeat button. So I could start this song over and over and it would never end.
I wish a had a Repeat button so this day would never cease. So I could repeat the Best day before the Worst.
I wish I had a Repeat button so I could hear you tell me you love me over and over again to block out the pain from when you stopped telling me.
I wish I had a Repeat button so I'd never have to leave my Grandpa's lap, he'd never stopped telling me what a cute shit I was, and he'd never stop asking what grade I was.
I wish I had a Repeat button so we could still be children and and our only problem was who was going to play Ken and who would play Barbie.

I wish I had a Repeat button so the leaves always stayed green, the flowers never died, the sun never went down, the water never stopped running and my heart never started hurting and my hair never stopped waving and my feet never stopped touching, and I never stopped laughing.
I wish I had a Repeat button to make life a liar and never start growing.

I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend

Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to avoid Pain

Today Ladies and Gents i'm going to show you how to get rid of Pain, the question everyone is asking for.
First, we'll start with physical pain. You will need an astronaut suit with heavy duty padding. Now this suit can NOT protect you from being hit by a car. But that leads us to Step 2 of avoiding physical pain and that is never going past 100 feet of your home. You can avoid germs, cars, bikes, and people, so you are set. j

Now for emotional pain, which honestly folks is everyone's least favorite. To achieve this you will need to go out and buy every book you can on any subject you want to learn about, then get rid of your computer, your television and your windows, because letting the human race inside can only cause damage. After you've stalked up on the books, stalk up on food. Because if you never leave your house again you will starve unless you have a life supply. So get all the goodies you need, so you will NEVER leave your house. After you are stalked up, fake your death so everyone will leave you alone. Remember, this is most important, PEOPLE = PAIN. Even if people don't try to hurt you, sometimes they will, and sometime people DO try to hurt you, so better to be safe then sorry.

Honestly the best thing to do to avoid pain, better then any of those steps, STOP LIVING YOUR LIFE. It's amazing how if you just stop taking risks, stop falling in love, stop moving, stop feeling, ANYTHING you can't feel pain. Because if you can't feel love you can never feel hate. If you can't feel joy you will never feel sadness. If you can't feel Life you can't feel Pain. Because Life is Pain, and it is BEAUTIFUL.